Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs by Kathleen V. Kudlunski…

This book comes to my home almost every other week or so. One of my boys is fascinated by this book and often checks it out from his school library. It is an non-fiction book filled with myths and facts about dinosaurs. What is special about this book is, it actually explains the scientific process of making a hypothesis and concluding it as right or wrong based on the facts encountered during the process of scientific investigation. For example, for a long time, people believed that dinosaurs ate each other up, leading to their extinction. But recently, some evidence has been discovered that lead to the conclusion that a comet or asteroid hit the earth, which set in motion certain environmental changes on earth, that eventually lead to the extinction of dinosaurs. Goes to show how it is important to keep an open mind as a scientist because there are no rigid facts in the scientific world. The scientific facts are always changing based on new investigations and new evidence discovered.

I loved this book as much as my four year olds, if not more. There are many books out there about dinosaurs. I know this because I read a lot of them to my dinosaur-obsessed four year olds. But this one, I feel, is unique and timeless. It is fascinating because it shows how exciting the process of scientific investigation is. The fact that my four year old chooses to bring this book home from his school library frequently is a perfect testament to how appealing this book is to the young minds.

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