All Seasons Perler Bead Tree…

All seasons tree with perler (fuse) beads…an easy self care project that I worked on while helping my boys with their own perler bead projects. I was going to make an autumn tree but my daughter had an even better idea – a four seasons tree. So, this is what I ended up with ✨

So grateful for these precious moments of connection with my kids amidst all the chaos and busy-ness ❤️

Chapter 2: Lost At School by Dr Ross W. Greene…

“Plan A greatly heightens the likelihood of challenging behavior in challenging kids….Plan A doesn’t help us figure out why the kid isn’t meeting our expectations in the first place…Plan A doesn’t teach lagging skills or durably resolve problems giving rise to challenging behavior….Even in ‘ordinary’ kids, Plan A is just an application of ‘might makes right’. Isn’t ‘might makes right’ the wrong turn that society took a long time ago? If there’s another way to help kids meet adult expectations without teaching them that might makes right, shouldn’t we be interested?” .


Plan C involves dropping a given expectation completely, at least temporarily. When you’re using Plan C, you’re not solving any problems or teaching any lacking thinking skills. But Plan C can help adults remove low-priority expectations, thereby helping a kid to be more ‘available’ to work on higher-priority problems or skills and reducing the likelihood of challenging behavior.” .


Plan B involves Collaborative Problem Solving. Plan B helps adults clarify and understand a child’s concerns about or perspective on a particular unsolved problem…Plan B also helps the kid understand the adult’s concerns about the problem. And Plan B helps adults and kids work together toward mutually satisfactory solutions so that both parties’ concerns are addressed, the problem gets solved, and,…lagging skills get taught.” .


”Question: Doesn’t helping kids with behavioral challenges take a lot of time?” .

Answer: Yes, helping, especially the kind that involves teaching skills and solving problems durably, takes time. But perpetually dealing with kids’ challenges in ways that aren’t working takes much more time. And don’t forget, Proactive Plan B is taking place at opportune moments, not under emergent conditions.” .


I’ve used Dr Greene’s Plan B suggestions from his other book ‘The Explosive Child’ with great success with one of my boys. I am really excited to see this extended to all challenging behaviors that children exhibit as symptoms of lacking skills. I know this is a far cry, but I would love to see this adapted by all schools, most of which seem to default to Plan A now.