Picture Book Review : How Big Is The World by Britta Teckentrup…

How big is the world? As big as you want it to be. Beautiful ❤️

Little mole is adventurous and wants to find out how big the world is. This book walks the readers through little mole’s journey of discovering the vastness of this world. The illustrations are beautiful. The story itself is thought provoking, even for adults. My boys and I had a discussion afterwards about how big our world is. My boys started by stretching out their arms out and saying “this big”. Then I asked them questions about what is in their world and watched their worlds expand right there from our home to their school, the playground in our town, the museum, the beach, etc. It was also interesting to see how they started with their parents and sister being part of their world and then went on to add their teachers, their friends at school and all the other people that they interact with both on a regular basis as well as occasionally. Any book that stimulates this kind of discussion between a parent and their three year olds is worth reading in my humble opinion.

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