A day off with my boys…

We had a day off yesterday, which we chose to spend doing messy science experiments indoors. It’s been very cold in our area for a few days. The boys have had four days of no school and very little outdoor time during these four days because of below freezing temps. So, we covered our basement floor with a heavy duty tarp and turned it into our own science lab. We did the volcano experiment atleast three times (this is always a big hit). Then we brought some snow indoors (after digging with shovels because the snow turned into ice) and mixed it with watered down paints using syringes, spray bottles, etc to make slushy concoctions. We grated different colors of soap in a big bowl, added some water to it, and whisked it fast and hard to make a big bubble mountain. We cooked our lunch together and cleaned up together afterwards. We read a few books and checked out a whole big stack of books yet again from our library. .

We have all had a few tough moments also here and there. We were all exhausted by the end of the day. I was more exhausted than my boys actually and made a poor parenting choice that filled me with regret afterwards. Luckily, I had the mindfulness within a couple of mins, to step away from the situation and catch a break first. I admit, I still cringe when I recollect those few moments, even though I made all the necessary amends already. But, I am also learning to not define an otherwise awesome day by those few moments of poor parenting, which as I have realized now, was a result of exhaustion. I have learned something from it for future. Overall, it was a fun day. I will never regret the time spent with my kids.

I will add here that a simple idea like covering our basement floor with a $30 tarp opened up a lot of possibilities for our family. We do a lot of messy play activities over there now.

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