Santa’s Gifts…

Who else out there used Christmas as an excuse to stock up on books and art supplies for their kids? It’s a smart thing to do if you ask me because books and art supplies get more use over the course of the year than any other toys. Each of my kids got a carefully chosen bag of books and a bag of art supplies. This year, we kept the toys to a bare minimum and splurged on books, art and craft supplies, puzzles and board games instead. I am already excited about all the reading, all the learning and all the open ended craft projects that we will all be doing together. .

I don’t have a village of supportive people in my daily life to help me with raising my children because I am a first generation immigrant and a working mother with young children, who does not have the time to build a village of support for herself. I have learned over the years to not let this bog me down because it impacts how I parent my children and they don’t deserve it. Instead, I have learned to be grateful for the various resources that I do have at my disposal that help me become a better parent. For example, I am grateful that I am able to afford all these books and art supplies for my kids, which help me immensely in my daily life as a working parent. All of these are a part of my village. I have learned over the years that a slight shift in perspective like this, from lack towards abundance, can do wonders to my overall attitude and make me a better parent and a better person overall.

I am equally excited (if not more) as my kids about these gifts. Is it odd that I am drooling over my daughter’s bookstack 😂

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