The Little Yellow Leaf and A Fall-Themed Art Project….

The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger is a beautiful picture book that tells the story of a yellow leaf that is struggling to let go and fall off the tree. The pictures in this book are absolutely beautiful.

We have been picking leaves of different colors and bringing the home for a few weeks now with the intention of doing a fall-themed art project with them. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we made this art project happen yesterday. It’s now hung up in the kids playroom and we are all happy with it.

I traced a few leaves that we picked on card stock and cut them out. Then the kids and I painted them using watercolors. The boys loved making rainbow leaves by using a bit of every color and they also really enjoyed blending watercolors together to make new colors.

Fall is my favorite season. There is a lot of creative inspiration out there for me with all the beautiful colors popping up everywhere ❤️

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