Peschool Book Review: Dragons for Tea

A little girl meets a friendly dragon while playing at the beach with her mom. She likes the dragon so much that she asks her mother for permission to invite the dragon for tea at her house. The mother hesitates at first but finally agrees. The dragon sneezes accidentally while having tea with the little girl at her house. Fire comes out of his nose and mouth. The table cloth catches fire. What follows is a smart and engaging lesson for young readers about fire safety and what to do/what not to do in case of a fire emergency.

I picked this book up randomly at our library. Dragons and fire fighters are both interesting subjects for my boys which is why this book caught my attention in the first place. I read this aloud to them atleast 5 times in the past four days. So, it was a big hit with them. I will be looking for more books from this author during our next trip to the library.

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