Painting with homemade puff paint…

Making cards with homemade puffy paint – our Saturday morning creative activity. My 10 yr old is very much into sensory play. She loves to mix kitchen ingredients and experiment with them. I looked up a homemade puffy paint recipe (self rising flour or regular all purpose flour mixed with baking soda + salt + water + food color) and shared it with her this morning. She mixed the ingredients and made puffy paint for her 3 yr old twin brothers. A friend of ours is going through a tough time lately so I made a couple of cards for her with drawings of peace sign and heart. Both boys colored my designs using the puffy paint. My daughter made her own design. The best part is I put those cards in the microwave for 15-20 seconds each after they were done painting and the kids watched the paint puff up in the microwave. They just loved this part. They were super proud of their creations in the end and ran around the house showing them excitedly to everyone! As a final touch, I asked each of them what they would like to say to my friend to make her feel better. One of the boys said he will share his popsicle with her. The other one said he will share his blue popsicle (his very special popsicle) with her 😄

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