Compassion and Wisdom…

Often we are eager to help someone without having the wisdom to find out if they actually need help from us. I also see many people in my own life who jump ahead and help someone and expect them to be indebted to them later. I have done this too when I was younger. True compassion does not come with expectations. True compassion is selfless. True acts of kindness are genuine, with no strings attached. I have also learned that compassion should always go hand in hand with wisdom. Wisdom to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and understand what they need. Wisdom to inquire within to check your own intentions before helping someone. Are you doing this to satisfy your own ego? Or are you doing this to genuinely help someone in need? Wisdom to take a step back when the other person declines your help without feeling rejected (ego at work). Wisdom to not expect anything in return when you actually go ahead and perform an act of kindness because you know from experience that performing that act with true intentions in itself is the greatest reward to you.

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