A busy rainy Saturday…

What a busy Saturday we have had over here! It was raining almost all day and my daughter is feeling under the weather so we stayed at home all day. The boys skipped their naps as well so it was an extra long day. But we didn’t just survive it, we actually thrived! It took a whole lot of mindfulness on my part. And as someone wisely said no one ever regrets the time spent with their kids. Something to keep in mind on days when there is no break from parenting 🙂

-We played with water beads (always a hit with my kids).

-We drew stormy pictures (all their idea, not mine) on the windows using window crayons. It was a pleasant surprise for me to notice that one of the boys is able to write his name now 🙂

-The boys cleaned up their spin bikes, tricycles, scooters and even my car in the garage (cleaning supplies are all from the dollar store).

-We read lots of books, both fiction and non fiction. We are learning about sharks, whales and other under water animals now. We are also learning how piñatas are made (book tour of Mexico).

-We did a simple science experiment where we put plastic bugs, dinosaurs, snakes, alligators, etc (again all bought from the dollar store) into empty milk cartons, filled them with water and froze them. We took out the frozen milk cans, ripped open the packing and found that all our bugs and animals are frozen. What followed is a lot of banging to break the ice and free the toy animals. When that didn’t work big sister got a bottle of warm water and poured it on the ice to help melt it faster. Finally we freed all the toy animals. What a wonderful science lesson for three year olds!

-At the end of the day we took out puzzles, paper, washitape, glue sticks, markers, paper, scissors, etc, spread them out on the table and everybody chose what they wanted to do. One of the boys worked in the puzzles, the other one made a collage with different kinds of paper and washitape, my daughter tried to make stick figures with pipe cleaners, aluminum foil and play dough (didn’t quite work out the way she wanted it to)

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