The Harry Potter Book Series…

I started reading this series of books as a means to connect with my 10 year old daughter (although I fell in love with them as well). We read the first two books together (read aloud) when she was 8. We picked up book 3 earlier this year and started reading it aloud together. But she was so fascinated that she couldn’t wait to read with me. So she went ahead and read the rest of the books on her own within a couple of months. I won’t even go into how awesome this is over here because I would have to write another review for that. I suspect that that would be a very long monologue given my passion for limiting screen time for young kids. So, going back to what I was saying, my daughter read all the books plus the three additional books all within a matter of few months. And she has not stopped reading since then. She is into the Land of Stories series now. The most exciting thing for me is now when she has free time she automatically reaches for a book. I tried to keep up with her pace but couldn’t. I still have one book left to finish the series. But we have had several in depth conversations on various characters in the series, their strengths, their weaknesses, what we can learn from them, etc. Now we are visiting Harry Potter World together and making special memories together. How awesome is this! The impact that this series had on my daughter’s young mind and in my relationship with her is why this series as a whole deserves 5 stars in my opinion. And show me an adult who wouldn’t want to get lost in the world of magic?

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