Noticing the flowers in my garden…

Yesterday morning one of my boys eagerly took me into the yard, showed me these flowers and said “see mommy, we planted these flowers”. The boys planted these flowers over the weekend with their daddy while I got some 1:1 time with my daughter. I was running late for work and felt the urge to rush but I took a pause and really tried to soak up that moment. I have learned over the years how important these little pauses are for me and for my kids. This spring I am happy to report that I deliberately noticed every flower that bloomed in my garden along with my kids. They say that happiness is simple and that true happiness is in these little moments. I can certainly vouch for this. I have learned from my own experience that the key to mindful parenting is to tap into that space, that small gap between my kids’ actions and my reaction to them. It is during this pause that the real magic happens.

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